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“Robertson has the community awareness and trial experience
to be a great judge for King County.”

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Watch Judge Robertson responding to questions about her experience
and about the impact of the COVID crisis on the courts.

The incredible and gratifying support I have received throughout King County over the past year has resulted in my candidacy being unopposed on the 2021 ballot.  So I will complete my term through 2024 and hopefully be privileged to serve as a King County Superior Court judge for many years to come.   It has been an honor to serve King County thus far, and I am grateful that I can now focus my time and energy on all the challenging aspects of preserving access to justice during this difficult year.

We live in uncertain times and must all adapt to the challenges caused by the coronavirus. The Superior Court must adapt too, and we need experienced trial judges to handle the overwhelming backlog of trials created by the court shutdown. But we must also implement needed reforms to eradicate systemic racism and inequity, ensure public safety, and protect important constitutional rights. I plan to use my decades of trial experience to play a significant role in addressing those challenges going forward.

Thank you again for all your support, energy, time, and encouragement. I am humbled by the faith you have shown in me and intend to always pour my heart into this work with compassion and diligence.


Judge Andrea Robertson