I have known Andy for more than a decade. She is an experienced, thoughtful, brilliant advocate, having spent the past 22 years representing regular people in court. She has been an amazing trial advocacy instructor to a generation of UW law students. There is nothing she has not seen in a courtroom. She is immediately ready to preside over Superior Court cases, and will be an instant asset in ensuring access to justice and fairness to all parties as a trial judge.
Judge Roger Rogoff, King County Superior Court
Andrea Robertson’s extensive trial experience and courtroom knowledge is exactly what the King County Superior Court needs in this trying time. She will hit the ground running due to her deep knowledge of trial courts and her unparalleled work ethic. Andy has spent her career in the courtroom, earning the respect of both opponents and judges across the state. That’s why so many lawyers and judges have endorsed her as the best candidate for Superior Court Judge.
Judge Steve Rosen, King County Superior Court
I would be honored to have my name added to Andrea Robertson's list of judicial endorsers. Andy appeared before me many times and was unfailingly well-prepared, highly professional, and competent in every way. And she always treated everyone in the courtroom with respect and dignity. She is a terrific lawyer and would make a great judge!
Judge Michael Lambo (ret), Kirkland Municipal Court
Andy Robertson is not only an outstanding trial attorney, but also an exceptional, creative and inspiring teacher. She is a role model whose dedicated mentorship has played an important role in the Trial Advocacy Program at the University of Washington School of Law.
William Bailey, University of Washington
Professor from Practice and Director of Trial Advocacy
I am a Past President of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and currently chair the portion of the COVID-19 Task Force dealing with how criminal cases will be handled by the King County Superior Court in coming months and years. Andrea Robertson is an exceptional trial lawyer who has been heavily involved in some very challenging litigation with wide reaching impacts. She is well-versed in courtroom procedures and evidence. Her depth of knowledge and experience is crucial for a Superior Court Judge, who will preside over countless trials and evidentiary hearings. Andrea also has the proven intellectual ability, analytical skills, and the humanity to be an exceptional judge.
Amy Muth, Past President, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
I am excited to endorse Andy Robertson for the King County Superior Court bench. I have known Andy for over 15 years and confidently refer family and friends in need of a lawyer to her. I have seen Andy in trial in both felony and misdemeanor cases and her skill in the courtroom is exceptional. I have known Andy outside the courtroom as well and cannot speak highly enough about her compassion and sensitivity toward all. King County will benefit with Andy on the bench.
Robert Butler, Bellingham Attorney
President, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Andy Robertson spends her days in the courtroom and evenings preparing for the next day’s trials. Her courtroom experience makes her an outstanding candidate for our Superior Court. What makes Andy special for the Court are the things we don’t see, but that are part of who she is, like her meticulous and instinctive drive to seek fairness and justice in every case, her ethics and empathy, and her efficient management skills as a mother and full-time trial lawyer. She will make the citizens of our county proud to have a judge like her.
Francisco Duarte, Bellevue Attorney
I have very mixed emotions about this. The defense bar needs great lawyers like Andy and we hate to lose her. That said, she’d make an excellent judge.
John M. Brangwin, Wenatchee Attorney
I have known Andrea Robertson for 20 years. She is one of the most thoughtful, ethical, and hard-working people that I know. Andy is dedicated to her clients, her family, and the community. We would be incredibly fortunate to have her competence, experience, and skill serving our community as a judge.
Michelle Hippe, Seattle
Words will never be enough to describe the respect and gratitude I have for Andy Robertson. My life was completely falling apart when I first met her. Long story short, I made major changes in my life and did whatever it took to get myself turned around. Andy was at the epicenter of all of this. Not only did she represent what we all would hope for in an attorney -- Trustworthy, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Effective Presence in a courtroom, etc. -- but she is an even more amazing individual beyond her skills practicing law. Her integrity is second to none. Because Andy worked with me for months and stayed close to my situation, I walked into court prepared with the best attorney in Seattle on my side. Most importantly, my life looks 100% different today and I am truly free and happy. Andy is a major reason I get to enjoy the life I have today. I will forever be grateful for that experience.
N.F., Criminal Defense Client
Andrea is a rare mix of highly intelligent and deeply compassionate. She has tirelessly served the people of Seattle with unflinching determination as a defense lawyer, and King County will tremendously benefit from that same determination for justice as a Superior Court judge.
Dan Posluns, Seattle
I have known Andrea for over 20 years. She is passionate about the criminal justice world and will be an asset on the bench.
Heather Lardie, Bothell
I have worked with Andrea in a number of capacities including courtroom training and when I’ve asked her for help on legal issues. She has always been incredibly professional, smart, and resourceful. I would trust her with my life -- as many of her clients have!
Anthony Beeman, Seattle
Andrea has the rare combination of intelligence, legal ability, and compassion which will make her an excellent judge!
Jennifer Cannon-Unione, Seattle Attorney
I've known Andrea Robertson for about 20 years. I had the pleasure of seeing her in action as an attorney while I was employed as a court clerk in King County. I was always impressed by her professionalism, dignity, knowledge, consistency, courage, creativity, and fairness. I clerked for several judges, and I know that Andy is well respected by all of them. Among her peers, Andy is considered one of the best. Andy has over two decades of trial experience. She doesn't shy away from difficult cases. Instead, she revels in the difficulty and tackles the tough cases head-on. She is whip-smart. The bench needs experienced women with impeccable knowledge of the law and a long track record of courtroom experience to uphold the high standards of the court. Andy is perfect for the Superior Court bench. She is an expert at navigating complex criminal procedural and sentencing rules. Many acclaimed judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and informed voters want Andy on the bench now. The criminal justice system needs some reform, and Andy is up to the task. She will treat everyone in her courtroom with compassion, respect, fairness, consistency, and dignity. Andy will understand that she answers to us, the voters that put her there, and not the politicians. You'll be well served to vote for Andrea Robertson on November 3rd, 2020.
Brooke Van Peski, Former Court Clerk
Andrea is a wonderful person, an incredible attorney, and will be a fantastic judge!
Felix Gavi Luna, WSAJ Tom Chambers Trial Lawyer of the Year, 2019
I feel proud to have known Andy for nearly a decade. Her intelligence, kindness, patience and humor have made her an incredible asset to her community. Now, her commitment to justice and her compassion for those she serves will make her an incredible asset to the King County Superior Court.
Ashley Flannegan Russell, Seatac
For over 15 years, colleagues and friends of mine have done nothing but speak of your integrity, intelligence and thoughtfulness. That is all I need to know!
Ian Goodhew, Former King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
When I saw that you had filed, I was delighted! You are always thoroughly prepared in court and you are a knowledgeable, skillful, experienced, highly-effective advocate. You would be an excellent addition to the bench.
Judge Lisa O'Toole, Presiding Judge
East Division
King County District Court
Andrea is both analytical and empathetic -- and most of all experienced. She will be a great judge.
Jennifer Horwitz, Seattle Attorney
I had the honor of interpreting on cases over the years and to watch Andrea Robertson represent clients in court as I waited to interpret. Andrea is knowledgeable, always well prepared, respectful of clients and court staff, able to work well with clients who are not English speaking and a pleasure to work with from my perspective as an interpreter.
Susana Saravia Anibarro, Court Interpreter
Andrea Robertson is a thoughtful and energetic advocate who will bring a great deal of experience and wisdom to the bench.
Brad Meryhew, Seattle Attorney
I 100% endorse Andrea King Robertson for Judge. With her integrity, intelligence, and persistence, Andrea embodies the values and ethics our community needs. I feel lucky to know her.
Belinda Fu, M.D., Seattle Physician
As you fill out your ballots this fall to vote and mail them in safely and securely in this November 2020 election, I have a small favor that I ask: My great friend, Andrea Robertson, is on the ballot running to be your King County Superior Court Judge. After 22 years of defending the rights of ordinary citizens in courts throughout Washington state and running a successful law practice with her husband, Ryan Robertson, Andy is now striving to further protect your rights and serve justice as a Superior Court judge. Andy already has the endorsement of more than 75 current and former trial court judges and many of the finest lawyers in the state touting her brilliance, ethics and skill as a lawyer. All of that is true. I will only add that she also has the accomplishment of pulling me up to the top of Mount Rainier in 2013, a goal I had set for myself after the loss of my brother. Please vote for Andy this fall. She is a true champion who will pursue justice for all citizens of King County with wisdom, strength and grit. There is NO ONE I could more heartily endorse than her. She has, quite literally, had my life in her hands and helped me reach my highest peak.
Dan Shea, Seattle Attorney
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